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MD Financial Solutions was founded in 1981 by David Lipman. He was Controller and Financial Vice President of the prestigious Investment Bank Salomon Brothers.

He also was Founder of DRL Associates and Managing Partner of Financial Trading Systems Inc. DRL Associates was a Consulting Firm to most of the major Commercial Banks and Investment Banks in the United States and Globally. Financial Trading Systems Inc. built micro based software for online real-time trading systems for traders to have right on their trading desks. These systems were the first of their kind and gave traders real time profit and loss and trading positions. The data was then fed to the main frame computers to process customer information and update the books and records of the firm. The clients of both entities were who’s who in the Financial World. Everyone from Goldman Sachs to JP Morgan Chase, Barclay’s Bank, Nomura Securities and many other domestic and foreign banks and brokers. Financial Trading Systems Inc. was sold to Thorne EMI in 1992 a United Kingdom Conglomerate trading on all global exchanges.

Over his career he has amassed an elaborate amount of knowledge about the world economies and investment vehicles that most people are unaware of and their brokers as well.

MD Financial Solutions now wants to help women become more enlightened regarding financial investments and opportunities. Investing is not a mystery nor beyond common sense armed with the right fundamentals.

We offer advice, training and welcome questions concerning the markets and helping you learn the secrets of investing future.

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Soon we will have available on our website some fundamental of the investment world that will help you understand the vehicles available for investing.


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